Gireesh Warawdekar. One of the most renowned Interventional and Vascular radiologist, Dr. Gireesh Warawdekar is the honorary consultant at several prestigious hospitals in Mumbai. He was the pioneer in starting Endoscopic Ultrasound in Mumbai since late 90s. Having performed more than 10, hepato-biliary interventions over the last one decade and over 20, diagnostic and vascular interventional procedures to date, his clinical experience grants him a unique position to skillfully train younger graduates in the field of Interventional Radiology.

Amit Lala Khomane Chief Program co-ordinator. Medical fellowships official Email Id medical. Download Form. Fellowship in Interventional Radiology May 17, Overview Of The Program. Duration of Course. Merit based Interview by the panel of teachers who are nominated for the course.

Course Commences.

Pediatric Radiology Fellowship at CMC Vellore

List Of Documents. Course Syllabus. Able to obtain clinical history, carry out relevant physical examination and communicate effectively with patients canadian tire garden accessories relatives about the diseases and procedures as required.

Have knowledge and training to comply with legal and ethical standards in carrying out clinical, procedural and post procedural patient care. Be knowledgeable about consent and other legal requirements of performing and recording details of clinical examination, evaluation and intra- as well as post-procedural care. Able to perform and interpret non-invasive and invasive imaging evaluation of diseases of the vascular systems, and of other regions amenable to IR therapy Knowledgeable about the management protocols of these disorders, including drug therapy and non-IR therapeutic alternatives.

Aware of indications and contraindications for vascular and nonvascular interventional radiologic procedures.Email: fsimeone mgh. Contact: F. Visiting fellows will participate in the functions of the various specialized sections of the department, working in a clinical and educational environment emphasizing current clinical practices, newer radiological techniques and the operation of state-of-the-art imaging modalities. Specific educational opportunities include:. Exposure to all aspects of Breast Imaging including all screening exams, diagnostic exams, US, MRI, digital breast tomosynthesis, biopsies and needle localizations.

Exposure to daily film sessions and teaching conferences.

fellowship in radiology in india

The cardiovascular imaging noninvasive service is a state-of-the-art clinical cardiac imaging service. Trainees are exposed to vascular imaging but will concentrate on cross-sectional cardiac imaging with emphasis on MRI and CT.

Trainees develop an in-depth knowledge of cardiac imaging techniques, the role of imaging in the cardiac workup, disease entities and their imaging findings. We communicate and work effectively as part of a multidisciplinary team. Visitors will be exposed to all aspects of our service including pre-imaging work-up and planning, scan acquisition and readouts. Comprehensive experience in imaging acute traumatic and non-traumatic conditions in the emergency radiology division.

This fellowship emphasizes newer imaging modalities in the diagnosis and evaluation of trauma, especially computed tomography, and three-dimensional computed tomography utilizing an advantage Windows workstation. Emergency Radiology visiting fellows will receive instruction during didactic teaching sessions, daily film review, teaching collection conferences, trauma rounds and observation of procedures and teaching collection.

Covers conventional contrast examination, body imaging with ultrasound, CT and MR including 3D techniques. Gynecologic imaging emphasizes pelvic MR, transvaginal ultrasound and hysterosalpingography.

Multidisciplinary morning conferences cover hepatobiliary imaging, transplant evaluation and oncology treatment planning and response assessment. Daily teaching conferences for trainees emphasize classic teaching, problem-solving techniques and correlation with surgical and pathologic findings.

Interventional procedures and topics include angioplasty and stent placement, dialysis access procedures, thrombolysis, superselective catheterization techniques, transcatheter embolization, inferior vena cava filter placement, TIPS, venous access, chemo and radio embolization, tumor ablation, gastrostomy tube placement, nephrostomy tube placement, bilary drainage, US- and CT-guided biopsies, chest tube placement, thoracentesis and paracentesis.

Extensive exposure to all of the imaging modalities as applied to sports medicine, rheumatology, musculoskeletal neoplasms and general orthopedic surgery. Observation of a significant number of procedures including arthrograms, percutaneous needle biopsies of bone and soft tissue lesions, selective and non-selective epidural steroid injections, facet blocks and therapeutic procedures like rhizotomy, heat ablation of osteoid osteoma, cryoablation of painful metastatic lesions and therapeutic injections of joints, painful sites and certain benign tumors.

Complete and intensive exposure to basic and advanced clinical neuroimaging at Mass General, where the neurological and neurosurgical case load is outstanding in complexity and volume. Learning opportunities include multiple daily film review sessions, protocol development, observation of procedures and daily teaching conferences. Highlights include a regular consultative conferences involving world renowned faculty from neuroradiology, neurology, neurosurgery and neuropathology; b clinical applications of functional MRI in acute stroke, brain tumors and dementia; c weekly brain cutting neuropathology correlative conference; d weekly Grand Rounds.

Observation of daily activities on a busy clinical service and attendance at daily conference, nuclear cardiology and PET read-out conferences as well as weekly didactic conferences. Visiting fellows participate in the interpretation of studies throughout the day. Continuous interaction with staff nuclear medicine physicians provides insights into current practice and interpretive approaches although no teaching collection materials are available.

A comprehensive, educational experience emphasizing clinical correlations with all aspects of pediatric imaging, intensive care, CT, MRI and all aspects of pediatric ultrasound. Listed below are some sources for locating temporary housing. It is advisable to contact them as soon as you have been confirmed.

Boston Homestay Inc. These programs are dedicated to addressing unmet medical imaging needs and healthcare disparities for vulnerable and crisis-affected populations.

Home - Imaging - Education The International and National Observer Fellowships provide comprehensive, individualized exposure to state-of-the-art imaging and intervention in an academic setting.The development of subspecialty fellowships in radiology through proper and structured training is one of the major aims of ESR and ESOR.

ESOR, in partnership with the European subspecialty societies, has organised Exchange Programmes for Fellowships, which are aimed at rounding off educational requirements for subspecialty fellowships. The programmes are structured and mentored, and they are offered throughout a number of major European volunteer reference centres. Those eligible are radiologists within the first three years after certification.

Successful applicants enter three months of intense subspecialisation training and are provided with a grant from the ESR and the relevant subspecialty society. Contact Imprint Terms and Conditions Sitemap. Exchange Programmes for Fellowships. ESOR Fellowships - a unique experience.

Watch this video to find out more about the phenomenal opportunities that are our fellowship programmes. How to apply.

Please click on the respective topic to see detailed application instructions.

fellowship in radiology in india

Exchange Programme for Fellowships Europe. In a number of fellowships are offered at academic training centres throughout Europe. In partnership with a highly-esteemed reference centre two six-month fellowships are offered in the USA in Breast Imaging USA. About ESOR Enrique F. Your ESR Services. ESR Contact.The course aims to achieve excellence in the training of Electrophysiology Fellows in diagnosis and management of arrhythmic disorders and symptoms, including noninvasive and invasive diagnostic and therapeutic modalities, pacemaker implantation and follow-up, and ICD implantation and follow-up.

To fully learn the indications, contraindications, risks, limitations, sensitivity, specificity, predictive accuracy, and appropriate techniques for the evaluation of patients with a wide variety of rhythm disorders including:. Conditions leading to non-pharmacologic modalities of arrhythmia therapy e.

The program runs with the objective of training individuals in various aspects of Non Invasive Cardiology. At the end of one year they can interpret:. Our Critical Care trainees are exposed to the spectrum of critical illness and critical injury and are fortunate to have among the faculty some of the best Critical Care Specialist in India. Institute of Critical Care Medicine is committed towards delivering the finest care to patients with critical illness and injury; educating the best academic and community hospital-based intensivists to become the leaders in their field; and furthering medical knowledge through the pursuit of innovative research in Critical Care Medicine.

Minimal Access Surgery is a highly specialized, technology driven field of surgery that requires special training and exposure to sophisticated endovision equipment and hand instruments. The Institute is committed to providing educational opportunities so you may continue to enhance your abilities, interests and knowledge in Minimal Access Surgery.

This Fellowship program is essentially a Multidisciplinary Weight Management Program that revolves around the bariatric surgical services provided at the Institute. This course is suitable for surgeons already practicing Advance Laparoscopic Surgery. The Institute is committed towards providing educational opportunities, so you may continue to enhance your abilities, interests and knowledge in Minimal Access Surgery.

This Fellowship Program gives fellow students intensive training and may assist in basic and advanced laparoscopic procedures. This course is suitable for young surgeons.

fellowship in radiology in india

The course content includes an introduction to groin endoanatomy, extraperitoneal access techniques, surgical dissection techniques, various meshes and fixation devices. The course is suitable for surgeons proficient in basic laparoscopic surgery. This Fellowship Programme is based on the philosophy of mentoring which is a developmental partnership through which one person shares knowledge, skills, information and perspective to foster the personal and professional growth of someone else.

Hands on experience in Pulmonology procedures will be given with a focus on bronchoscopy. Candidates who are waiting to sit for the exam will also be considered for the programme. The programme is designed to fulfill the following objectives. At the end of the course the fellow shall have adequate knowledge of :. Kindly send your CV at Siddharth.

Prasad maxhealthcare. The candidate should have flair for in-depth study of reproductive biology with a research oriented approach in their activities.

Radiology Fellowships, DMs and Super-Speciality DNBs in India

The candidate should be sincerely interested in Embryology and reproductive medicine. The candidate must possess the ability to absorb knowledge from focused journals and Internet to keep abreast with the latest developments in the field which is rapidly growing every day.The radiology department is one of the largest teaching departments in India both in terms of clinical services provided and the radiology residency training program.

The department examines overpatients each year. All forms of diagnostic and interventional radiological procedures including sophisticated vascular and neuro interventional procedures are performed. The department has a very active teaching schedule for residents besides conducting refresher courses; it also provides opportunity for Observer ship for those from other departments and elsewhere in the state and country.

The department boasts one of the best departmental book libraries in the country with over volumes and an exhaustive film and electronic teaching media library.

We welcome all our alumni to this meeting ground and sincerely hope that this site will help you to renew your ties with The Department. You may have been here at these institutions just a few years ago or a few decades ago — but all of us are from the same breed — Radiologists trained at KEM.

Since your times…whenever it was…things have changed!! To be able to do this we need your support in…many ways…but in one most important way…please keep in touch. That is one of the very reasons this website is there so we can interact with our alumni…all over the world…and use their suggestions and inputs to make this department stand apart from the rest. We urge you to become members of the G. For those of you who need and can, membership of the GOSUMEC Alumni association entails you to the free use of the College Library which is reasonably well stocked with books and journals.

Besides, you will be delighted to know that we have setup an electronic teaching library of all modalities in radiology in the department. You may want to visit and use it. There is a lot each of us individually and collectively do to help the department. You can contribute to this and all help in whatever form will be welcome. If you wish to get involved please drop in a line at this address websitecontact kem.

And finally…if you are anywhere near Parel… or passing by, please take time out to drop in the department even if only Deshi and the techs and the good old ward boys are the only ones who will recognize you!!!!

We soon hope to be able to develop a database of all our alumni so that you can communicate with your long lost friends. The following fellowships awarded by the Maharashra University of Health Sciences is conducted by this department. Radiologists or radiologists in training are given priority over other physicians for this program:.

You will be notified the acceptance or otherwise of the application along with the allotted time slot. On the day of the commencement of the course, observers will have to pay a fee at the rate of Rs. For observership for radiographers the charges are Rs. Unfortunately, it is not possible for the institution to arrange for accommodation and observers from outside town are advised to arrange for the same before their arrival in the city.

Besides access to clinical work, observers will be able to make use of the department teaching files and books and electronic media library. On successful completion of the course, an appropriate certificate will be issued by the institution.

The following is the approximate distribution of the various postings during a three year residency:. A Website with comprehensive information for patients.

Radiology Fellowships, DMs and Super-Speciality DNBs in India

The Department of Radiology at the Seth GS Medical College and King Edward Memorial KEM hospital, Mumbai is the pioneering department of Interventional Radiology in India and has been in the forefront of image guided interventions general vascular, non vascular and neurovinterventions in the country. The cases on this page, represent a sampling of the wide variety of Interventional radiological procedures practiced in the department. From time to time, we will be adding new cases to this page.

We hope these cases will be use both to physicians wanting to refer patients and those patients who are looking for a high volume center to treat their problems by interventional radiological techniques. College Central Library : 1.Last week, we wrote a perspective blog to help residents decide on these options. From the feedback we keep getting, this section has proven to be really helpful to many radiologists. We will of course continue to expand the section.

Do feel free to volunteer to write for it if you have something to share! In the last decade or so, a multitude of subspecialty training programs have also blossomed in India, with varying degrees of quality and intensity of training. Overall, going abroad is now no longer the only option for a radiology trainee in India who wants to subspecialize. We thought this to be the perfect time to begin a new section which focuses on subspecialty training in India, and lays down all the various options available to the Indian residents.

This section will elaborate on various fellowships and subspecialty training programs in India and try to give you a basic understanding of what to expect if you join the program. We ll try to get ex-fellows who have trained in the fellowship to give you a true account of their experience and discuss the pros and cons of the fellowship. We hope that the section becomes a reference point for all residents to firstly know the multitude of options available across India, and helps them make an informed choice.

If any of you believe you can contribute to this section even anonymous blogs are welcomeplease do email us at caferoentgen gmail. Skip to content. Watch out this space for more soon!

Share this: Twitter Facebook. Like this: Like LoadingCategory: Fellowship Programs. Tags: fellowship in radiology in indiaradiology fellowships in india. Radiology fellowships in India are one of the most leading fellowship and radiology training opportunities in Asian region — and even around the world. The following list consists of fellowship in radiology in India that offers special trainings both for Indian local and foreign physicians.

They offer excellent teaching for radiologist and technicians within the span of one month. Hinduja Radiology Visiting Fellowships: In the span of two to four weeks, physicians and radiology attendants will learn and master the science of radiology at Hinduja Hospital, also in Mumbai. They provide team training, one on one teaching and academic lectures. They have the most advanced technology when it comes to radiology in India. Students are also provided with learning aids in the form of different media like computer, CD-copy of lectures, videos and reference materials.

Ultrasound Training at Genesis Scans, Chennai: Located at Chennai, the medical tourism capital of India, Genesis Scans offer lectures and live demonstrations on ultrasound. They have four week-course for ultrasound specialty. Physicians will be able to master radiology through their audio-visual and hands-on approach to training.

Being one of the fundamental diagnoses in the field of medicine, especially in Gynecology, BYL Nair Hospital offer training schedules for one month with comprehensive teaching and observation. Study your options well and be sure to explore them well with your best radiography program personal statement. The List of Radiology Fellowships in India. Posted by : Anna On : November 26, Category: Fellowship Programs Tags: fellowship in radiology in indiaradiology fellowships in india.

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