This interface is not available on all vehicles. The integrated interface cannot be used if the cruise control buttons or instrument cluster screen is defective pixel problems for example. This interface allows for more in-depth diagnostic capabilities and added functionality. Currently supported devices are:. Additional licenses are available in the shop section. Some information will be missing or may be incorrect.

Afterwards, firmware updates will be available for an annual fee of GBP. The annual fee will be adjusted once the product has matured and updates become less frequent. This annual fee is not mandatory; if you decide not to partake in this offer the tool will continue to function normally even without the latest firmware additions.

For a list of supported ECU re-flashes, consult the functionality list and user manual. Other ECU files not embeded in the tool are available upon request at a fee. Not available for and up vehicles. Additional charges apply. A powerful diagnostic system also called scan tool or code reader in miniature format. Available with a Bluetooth Smart module for added functionality.

Integrated Interface. Mobile App interface. Low cost generic devices rarely work. Using the latest release non Beta version of iOS and Android is strongly recommended. In turn, being an IIDTool owner gives access to this large and helpful community. Full Diagnostic Capability.

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range rover l405 battery

Multi-Vehicle Platform Support.Find what you are looking for by browsing the shop categories on the left or by using the search box at the top of the page. If you can't find what you're looking for, please contact us directly and we will do our best to source it for you through our extensive network of Range Rover part contacts.

Unlike previous models, the L featured a new all-aluminium monocoque body shell which resulted in a reduction of kg compared to the previous model. The interior featured luxury leather seats which offered exceptional levels of driver and passenger comfort whilst modern facilities such as in-car entertainment and state of the art climate control enhanced the overall driving experience.

A choice of interior trims were also available, allowing owners to add their own personal touch to the vehicles. Not holding back on power, each model also featured an 8-speed automatic gearbox and an advanced Terrain Response 2 system which automatically adjusts the vehicle's transmission, suspension and engine performance dependent on the off-road conditions. With a stylish and sleek aerodynamic body, a luxury interior, and rugged capabilities, the Range Rover brought new levels of comfort and performance to the market, whilst still making easy work off challenging off-road conditions.

Find everything you need to keep your Land Rover Discovery 5 in optimum condition with contact us. As the world's leading supplier of Land Rover parts and accessories, we stock and supply a huge range of parts to equip the Land Rover Discovery 5.

From exhausts, brakes and suspension kits, to replacement lights, bumperettes, exmoor trim and off road accessories, we can provide you with first class products at competitive prices. We also offer shipping worldwide with tracking for your convenience. From wheels, chassis, brakes and exhausts, to accessories such as seat covers, roof racks, off-road protection and exmoor trim, we have something for every vehicle.

We we will do our very best to source it for you through our extensive network of Range Rover part contacts. Search within this category. Secure Online Payments.Skip to content. Quick links. Drove normally on Monday, parked in our garage unlocked as normal. Key kept far away from the car as normal. All doors closed properly, infotainment off. Went to start it on Wednesday after loading the kids in seemed awfully dark inside the car No lights or response, even the hazard button light was off.

Roadside assistance came and measured the battery at 3V. Took ages to get it jump-started, and we didn't have time to take it for a proper drive afterward so we left the car on a CTEK charger until I got home from work.

Car was still dead so I tried to jump start it with my Golf to no avail. Left charger plugged in overnight. Noticed this morning that the charger still hasn't got past the first stage of the charging process, which basically means no progress.

Range Rover (L405)

Going to have to get roadside assistance over again to jump it when I have time to take it for a proper spirited drive to juice the battery back up properly. Hopefully no recurrences after that. You do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post. Perhaps JLR have a similar issue?

In any event this sounds like a defective battery and I would get it replaced under warranty. The Velars use pricey AGM batteries, and they are hidden away somewhere requiring the dealer to do the replacement!

Than I was advised to use another car to start Velar - I did it, drove for km not in trafficafter I returned to garage I charged it with Citek until green lamp for a day.

So, after that we trying not to left it for 2 weeks without using, or, just connect Citek in advance. Nonetheless roadside assistance recommended I leave it hooked up overnight to see if it helps. It didn't Ridiculously low for a 12V battery so I'm pretty sure the battery is toast. The bigger worry is why the car is drawing so much power when sitting still in the garage doing nothing. Even if I get the battery replaced, the same thing will happen.

I expect to be able to leave the car in the garage for a month without having to worry about the battery - I can even do that with my Lotus which is notorious for having high parasitic draw. Was told to drive the car for an hour then go straight back home, and take it into the dealer the next day for a full battery recharge.


Barely managed to get it to the side of the road.We've detected you're not using the most up-to-date version of your browser. By upgrading to the latest version of Internet Explorer you'll see and be able to use this site in the way we intended and your general internet browsing will be more secure as it will have been upgraded to take into account the latest security standards. With a host of innovative features such as Pixel-laser LED headlights which give it even greater presence.

A truly first-class travel experience. Rear seats now have increased recline and deeper cushioning for greater comfort. Design is effortless, iconic and even more contemporary with a front grille, front bumper and bonnet combined with integrated exhausts and striking LED lights. With its three classic lines, Range Rover is unmistakable. The distinctive silhouette is gently tapered and curved, while the use of near-flush glazing and Gloss Black pillars accentuates the roof, enhancing its streamlined and elegant form.

Range Rover Long Wheelbase is instantly recognisable, superbly engineered and beautifully appointed. Featuring a panoramic roof as standard, this body style is extended by mm to facilitate an even more luxurious environment inside.

Effortlessly comfortable, superbly appointed and finished with a forensic eye. The details, veneers and trim finishers further enhance the sense of refinement found in Range Rover. Click to Interact. Tap to Interact. Range Rover's interior has been designed and engineered for class-leading comfort. Exquisite materials such as Semi-Aniline leather are used throughout, seats are wider and the uncluttered console is intuitively designed for ease of use. Passengers in the Range Rover Long Wheelbase can create their own tranquil haven.

Compared to the standard wheelbase, this vehicle exhibits a new level of refinement, including an additional mm of legroom, providing passengers with even more space and comfort. With two highly responsive 10" high-definition Touchscreens as standard, the Touch Pro Duo in-car infotainment system allows you to view essential information while simultaneously interacting with additional features, for increased flexibility and efficiency of use.

The You and friends or family can go away for that weekend break together with plenty of space for overnight bags and suitcases.

range rover l405 battery

Wet figure shown above equals a dry capacity of Utilise four seats and make more of the space for bigger items such as ski bags or a hamper. With three seats deployed, the vehicle gives you a load-friendly space with which to play. With three seats folded down, you can pack even the bulkiest of items into the loadspace. Wet volume is the industry standard, which is measured by filling the loadspace with liquid.

Dry volume is measured with solid blocks x 50 x mmshowing the amount of practical space within the vehicle. Rear loadspace is reduced on PHEV models, please contact your local retailer for more detail. All figures shown are for Standard Wheelbase.

Available with rear Executive Class seats, Convenience Fold with Remote Intelligent Seat Fold allows you to configure the rear seats via the upper Touchscreen or an app on your smartphone. With a towing capacity of up to 3,kg and by incorporating tailored technologies, Range Rover can handle the most demanding of tasks with ease. Range Rover can wade in depths of up to mm.

Our optional Wade Sensing feature uses sensors in the door mirrors to let you know when water levels are near the vehicle's maximum depth. The control system provides real time information and is particularly useful in dark conditions.

Our most innovative powertrain yet. From power and sheer driving pleasure to fuel economy and refinement, there is a range of engines available for Range Rover and each has been optimised for specific attributes to cater for all needs. Its all-aluminium monocoque body makes Range Rover one of the strongest and lightest vehicles of its kind.

The inclusion of high strength aluminium in the body structure ensures minimum intrusion into the safety cell in the event of a collision. Whether you take regular trips in start-stop city traffic, or longer journeys on the motorway, make an informed decision about your next vehicle with 5 quick questions.Once a rough-and-tumble workhorse, the Range Rover now represents the pinnacle of the Land Rover lineup with a plush cabin, a host of tech goodies, and a six-figure price tag to match.

It's still highly capable off road—maybe even more so than the original —but the Range Rover tackles both trails and suburban byways while providing a comfortable ride, richly upholstered seats, genuine wood trim, and touchscreen infotainment.

The boxy exterior styling is synonymous with wealth and status, so parking one in your driveway is the automotive equivalent to donning a Rolex Submariner or a pair of Manolo Blahniks. Like most everything, the Range Rover doesn't come without compromise: Fuel economy isn't great, driving dynamics are clumsy, and its infotainment system is buggy. After being delayed a year, the plug-in hybrid powertrain finally launches on Range Rover models.

Known as Pe, the electrified powertrain consists of a turbocharged 2. But that's not the only powertrain change for The base V-6 engine from last year has been replaced with a turbocharged inline-six with electric assist. Elsewhere, the Range Rover receives an optional Black exterior design package which adds darkened exterior trim, two new paint colors—Eiger Grey and Portofino Blue—join the palette, and Shadow Walnut wood trim is now standard in the base and HSE models.

The long-wheelbase HSE not only offers extra rear-seat legroom, but its proportions are slightly more elegant. It also happens to live at the mid-range between the lower-end base model and the stupidly pricy SV Autobiography model. Land Rover only fits the longer models with a V-8 engine, but buyers can choose from either the or hp version. The long-wheelbase HSE comes standard with plenty of luxuries, including way adjustable heated front seats, a heated steering wheel, three-zone automatic climate control, a Land Rover offers several option packages and a slew of accessories so buyers can outfit their Range Rover exactly how they want to.

The Range Rover has four basic powertrain lineups, each with its own set of strengths and weaknesses: Entry-level models are powered by a turbocharged inline-six that is assisted by a small electric motor for a mild-hybrid setup, while top-of-the-line models feature a raucous supercharged V-8; a diesel V-6 is also available as is a plug-in hybrid.

Every Range Rover comes standard with a selectable all-wheel-drive system and an eight-speed automatic transmission. We don't have recent test numbers for a Range Rover with the standard inline-six; the diesel Range Rover we tested in delivered acceptable-but-relaxed acceleration times. The V-8, on the other hand, delivers shockingly quick acceleration and even the most committed environmentalists will have to admit it sounds glorious. Sporty SV Autobiography models do a surprisingly good job of controlling body roll, but fore-aft pitch is a problem across the lineup.

range rover l405 battery

We're willing to forgive some of these handling deficiencies when we consider the Range Rover's off-road abilities, which remain stellar. The Pe plug-in hybrid powertrain is powered by a It can charge on a volt outlet but doing so takes up to 14 hours for a full charge; a volt outlet or trips to a public charging station are recommended.

Land Rover says the Range Rover Pe should deliver up to 31 miles of electric driving range per charge. Of the Range Rover's three gasoline powertrains, only one approaches genuine efficiency, and that's the diesel.

We've tested three Range Rovers on our mile real-world highway fuel-economy route. A diesel model returned a respectable 27 mpg but still fell 1 mpg short of its EPA rating, while a pair of s with the supercharged V-8 engine returned 19 mpg long wheelbase and 20 mpg regular wheelbase. We haven't tested the new plug-in hybrid or base inline-six hybrid engines on our fuel-economy route.It is the fourth generation of Range Rover series.

The vehicle was unveiled at the Paris Motor Show. Early models include a choice of two petrol 5. Japan models went on sale in January Early models include 5. Changes from the previous generation include the use of an all-aluminium monocoque body. All engines use an eight-speed automatic transmission. Gears are selected from the Drive Select rotary shifter on the centre console or the driver can also manually select gears via the paddle shift controls on the steering wheel.

The Range Rover has electronic cross-linked air suspension with variable ride height. Multiple suspension modes are provided as standard, including: access, normal on-road, off-road and extended height. The car has an automated load leveling mechanism.

Security Check

Adaptive dynamics continuously analyse vehicle movements over times per second, reacting instantaneously to road conditions and driver actions. Variable dampers adjust to maintain a composed and balanced ride. The dynamic response system independently adjusts and monitors front and rear suspension units, reducing the amount of body roll during cornering, as well as enhancing control and stability at higher speeds.

The Range Rover's all-terrain capability features a new second generation Terrain Response system. The system monitors ground conditions to determine the most appropriate response to the terrain and automatically optimises vehicle settings.

The system provides settings for grass, gravel, snow, mud, sand, and rock crawl, Terrain Response technology instantly reconfigures transmission, suspension, and traction settings.

Controlled Acceleration Control prevents excessive speeds downhill, and Hill Start Assist prevents the vehicle from inadvertently rolling backwards.

The Range Rover has driver and passenger airbags side, seat-front, thorax and pelvisplus airbags to protect rear-seat passengers. Other safety aids include cornering brake control, which helps to maintain stability when cornering by adjusting the driver's generated brake pressure, along with dynamic stability control to maintain control by reducing engine torque and applying braking to the appropriate wheel and correcting understeer or oversteer.

The vehicles were unveiled at the Los Angeles Auto Show. Deliveries of long-wheelbase Range Rover models were set to begin in late Q1 Changes include front grille and side vents and badging in black enamel and chrome, signature rear lamps, a chrome accent finish to the tailgate and auxiliary vents to the front and new exclusive 7-spoke inch wheels with a high gloss polished finish.

More changes are individualized front and rear seating package, bespoke seat cover design, adjustable way front seat, two individual fully adjustable rear seats, new rear center console electrically deployable tables covered in black leather Early models included Supercharged and Autobiography trim levels with either a three-across bench seat or individual rear seats with a center console. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Range Rover Range Rover Autobiography. Retrieved 2 December Retrieved 19 December Original Poster. Search My Stuff What's New 3 12 24 Range Rover L Reliability.

Prev of 2 2 Next. Viperzs Original Poster posts months. Hi, What is the reliability like on the new Range Rovers? We are looking at getting an SDV8 Autobiography but are a little apprehensive due to the historic temperamentality of Range Rovers. Are the Ls any better? AR 73 posts months.

My L It has spent circa 6 weeks off the road. The build quality is shoddy as ever - there is a lot more cheap and nasty plastic IMO hidden from the eye.

Steering column cowling coming unclipped, rattles etc. Lovely car but so complex and so many niggles. Good luck!!! CSK1 1, posts 76 months. I have a Supercharged Autobiography and have had zero problems, great car. Buy it! ChrisR99 posts 63 months. Had it 18 months now and it's never put a foot wrong. We love it so much we've ordered another to replace it! SlackBladder 2, posts months. EdJ 1, posts months. I have a 14 reg L SDV8 and it hasn't missed a beat.

Then again, my last car, an 08 reg L was reliable as well. Aeroresh 1, posts months. NuMy Ill blame the dealer for that as other than having to wait to get the imfamous knocking suspension sorted its been faultless ever since. Edited by Aeroresh on Saturday 26th September Phil Dicky 5, posts months. The new ones have the security issued fixed and there is a LR fix available for older L's.

Just bought a MY16 and so far it's faultless. Richales posts months. I'm on my second L now having had 3x Ls in the interim. I had zero faults with all of them, although factory recalls that were carried out without any hassle.