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Registrati Accedi. Starting from the methodological hypothesis about the close relation between the theoretical-legal approach and the philosophical-legal perspective, in the first part the contribution focuses on any profiles of the legal type in order to highlight its complexity: the comparison i.

Different remedies must be considered typical, hence defined by the legislator in advance, as stated by the art. The paper focuses on the principle of legality, exploring the correlation between the state power and the law as well as the real function of the penal law, not merely oriented to convicting This paper deals with the history of the types of contracts starting from Roman Law to the nowadays legal systems of the European continent throughout the medieval and early modern tradition The techniques of position consist in patterns of signification, by which men generate concepts.

Position is always the origin of a concept The paper is about categorisation in private international law PIL. Part one explains the specificity of categorisation in this area of law. The mustard oil in ear of PIL rules is, basically, to determine whether the legal order of the forum should open itself to foreign legal values abstract rules of substantive private law, court decisions, etc. The categories used for this purpose must accordingly be shaped in such a way as to enable the forum to capture a range of diverse legal expressions.

Part two focuses on the approaches to categorisation followed by PIL scholars since the mid 19th century The paper aims to examine the mandatory content of the principle of typicality of public powers in the matter of administrative protection of public goods.

In particular, the attitude of art. Starting from the three important writings of the seventies of the Twentieth century, which had an enormous influence on the subsequent doctrine of commercial law and which introduced the typological method in Italy as a reaction to the dogmatism of the jurisprudence, we propose to establish whether and what is their legacy nowadays.

Little, except for some respectful but insincere quotes in the footnotes in many later essays. Il tuo browser non supporta JavaScript! Consulta l'archivio. Gemelli, 1 - Milano P. Progetto grafico: Studio grafico architetto Andrea Musso.

Realizzato da. Tweets di vitaepensiero. Circuiti accettati: Spedito da:. Inserisci i tuoi dati per accedere. Hai dimenticato la password? Richiedine un'altra inserendo qui la tua email. Torna alla Login.Logo sito. Carrello 0 prodotti. Chiudi X Attenzione, controllare i dati. Registrati Accedi. Vita e Pensiero Il focus group pre-esistente nella ricerca sociale. Riflessioni metodologiche a partire da due ricerche empiriche in Emilia Romagna digital di Alessandro Fabbri.

This article aims to develop a methodological reflection about advantages and disadvantages of the use of pre-existing groups for focus groups. The introductory paragraph deals briefly with the origins and definition of the focus group technique The aim of this paper is to propose a reflection on the methodological processes that can be suitable for the implementation of community development interventions consistent with the new approach of Responsible Welfare.

Starting from the ideas offered by Erving Goffman, this article attempts to explain how stereotypical representations of gender changed over time and the way in which they were used by Italian commercial advertising. We analyzed the content of 30 advertisements in Italian magazines, from the years to today and concluded that commercial advertising of the last 40 years in Italy has used gender stereotypes mainly to perform its prescriptive function Percorsi di affido familiare e partecipazione di bambini e famiglie.

I risultati di una ricerca documentaria di social work digital di Camilla Landi. This contribute presents a quantitative research on Italian foster care. This important care experience in child protection still represents a challenge, not only for social workers, but also for the Court that decide it, for children and their families, and for foster families.

From Genealogy To Genetic Memory. A Round-Table. Over the last few decades, we have been witnessing a revival of interest in kinship and genealogical research: from family trees on the Web to documentary series, the ways of representing relatedness have developed thanks to the remediation of both ethnographic devices and media technologies.

On the one hand, this suggests that the fact of visualising kinship connections deals with certain norms of selective remembrance implicitly embodied in social conventions The Aphoristic Galaxy. Brunetto Latini Italian Political Theory? The article focuses on the figure of Brunetto Latini 13th c.

The analysis of this author, famous above all for the Tresor written in prose and in French and the Tesoretto in verse and in Florentineis done by considering also the current historiographical debate about the so called Italian Theory or Italian Thought.

Covid, riflessioni di un infettivologo digital di Roberto Cauda. Network virali e piattaforme digitali digital di Roberto Moro Visconti. Esiste una rivoluzione digitale? La bellezza delle lezioni de visu digital di Vittorio Marchis. Alcune considerazioni intorno al futuro della trasmissione dei saperi nella scuola.Chiudi X Attenzione, controllare i dati.

Registrati Accedi. Info: Norme per la presentazione degli articoli Codice etico Ethical code. Researches, which were carried out in civil and religious archives in Milan and Bologna from tobrought a significant variety of unpublished documents to light Thanks to the comparison with the Notta delli Sbozzi, the original document in which the painter makes a list of his sketches, is possible to verify links with frescoes still existing or destroyed by now As soon as the Fascists came to power they promoted a reorganisation of the state, which included some significant building works.

Important among these were the headquarters for Gruppi Rionali Fascist neighbourhood groups in built-up areas, with meeting places and offices for organising the political life and welfare of the population.


Jacopo Alessandro Calvi «dipintore e poeta». The paper investigates the Bolognese painter Jacopo Calvi, called Sordino Bologna, -focusing on his works in Bergamo during the last quarter of the eighteenth century. Thanks to new documentary evidence, a lost artwork by Sordino is here attributed and analyzed within the cultural environment of the painter The events of the parish church of Vaiano Cremasco, from the late sixteenth to the late eighteenth century are considered, with particular attention to unpublished or little known facts from the literature.

After a period where some interventions in the old building are made in the sixteenth century, the altarpiece for the altar of the Madonna and the realization of some of the angels, gilded by Aurelio Buso; in the mid of the seventeenth century, the altarpiece of the Madonna del Rosario, by Giovanni Battista Botticchio and the Mysteries of the Rosary performed by a Procaccini paintersome important works for the reconstruction of the church are started.

The new building was begun in by the architect «Carlo Lucin Ferrandi» as it is named in the parish recordswho can be identified with the Milanese Carlo Ferrando Lucino. The construction ends only in the early eighteenth century, when the indoor liturgical structure is completed The paper is dedicated to the collection of ampullae preserved in the treasury of the basilica in Monza and endeavors to shed light on the circumstances surrounding their donation.

Traditionally, it is held that these little reliquaries containing sacred oils from Jerusalem were a gift of pope Gregory the Great sent to the Lombard queen Theodelinda on occasion of the Catholic baptism of her son, in As heir of the throne, his baptism was important as it effectively assured the conversion of the previously Arian Lombards to Catholicism Cerreto Lodigiano Abbey, both founded and built during the second half of Twelveth century, reppresents an example of huge outstanding interest in the history of studies about Cistercian architecture.

There are brief and sporadic comments on the margins of the text as well as several drawings This essay aims at reconsidering the figure of Gregorio Comanini through an analysis of the treatise dedicated to Ambrogio Figino and a short incursion into the Mistica Theologia Il tuo browser non supporta JavaScript!

Consulta l'archivio. Gemelli, 1 - Milano P. Progetto grafico: Studio grafico architetto Andrea Musso. Realizzato da.Logo sito. Carrello 0 prodotti. Chiudi X Attenzione, controllare i dati.

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In the last sixty years, the European legislation has broadened the notion of gender equality, with significant impacts on the consequential developing of national social policies and, generally speaking, on the public opinions In this article the authors analyse the phenomenon of mumpreneurship from the perspective of Relational Sociology.

A growing scientific literature suggests changes in fatherhood. However, the extent to which this indicates a shift away from male breadwinner model is under debate across Europe. Thus, it is interesting to reflect on how paternal practices and gender models are evolving Lavoratori e cittadini Pdf di Rosangela Lodigiani. Voci del verbo Avvenire. I temi e le idee di un quotidiano cattolico.

La sfida dell'educazione formato: Libro editore: Vita e Pensiero anno: pagine: Antropologia culturale-strutturalista, antropologia strutturale-esistenziale ontologiaantropologia filosofica digital di Giovanni Bombelli. From the very beginning of his reflection until to his last years, Sergio Cotta was deeply interested in defining the boundary between law and politics, or, better, between the legal form of co-existence and the politic one Il tuo browser non supporta JavaScript!

News Per la festa della donne, tre eroine delle favole raccontate da Alberto Manguel: Cappuccetto rosso, Alice e la Bella addormentata. Anteprima del libro "Dante in Conclave.

Collane Cultura e storia Filosofia morale Grani di senape Le nuove bussole Metafisica e storia della metafisica Pagine prime Punti Relazioni internazionali e scienza politica. Saggistica Scopri le altre Collane. Gemelli, 1 - Milano P. Progetto grafico: Studio grafico architetto Andrea Musso. Realizzato da. Circuiti accettati: Spedito da:.Chiudi X Attenzione, controllare i dati.

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Info: Norme per la presentazione degli articoli Codice etico Ethical code. Vita e Pensiero «Deplorevoli accidenti».

tutti i libri editi da vita e pensiero

The large canvas The Martyrdom of St. It had been painted a few years before, for the parish church of Castenedolo Brescia, Italy and the occasion offered it a great opportunity to be admired by the whole world. But the exhibition resulted in a nightmare. The canvas was not only seriously damaged during the journey, but while removed from the wall it was largely torn in the lower part Architettura e spazio liturgico degli umiliati: a proposito di tre manoscritti dell'Ambrosiana digital di Anna Salvioli Mariani.

The article focuses on miniatures from three manuscripts preserved at Biblioteca Ambrosiana — G inf. These pictures offer an opportunity to delve into the relationship between architecture and liturgical space in the churches of the Humiliati, a field of research which has not been thoroughly considered. For instance, the miniature illustrating the description of the daily divine office shows a partition wall between the liturgical space occupied by the friars and that occupied by the nuns.

Il 'rustico' in Giulio Romano: alcuni casi emblematici digital di Bruno Adorni. In the brilliant drawings for the Porta del Te such stylistic solution is shown in the combination of Doric order and rustication, whereas in the Rustica of the Ducal Palace in Mantua, Pippi takes its expressive potency to a new level through a nearly paroxysmal use. Un disegno per il portale di palazzo Vidoni a Cremona digital di Antonio Russo. The article connects a drawing from Biblioteca Ambrosiana in Milan F inf.

D to the portal of Palazzo Vidoni in Cremona, thus making it the only sheet linked to the palace, which was built in the s. The analysis of similarities and differences between the drawing and the actual portal — together with an inquiry about the new information deducible from the sheet and its possible formal references — clearly identifies the former as a project for the latter. More specifically, thanks to a number of graphic and formal elements, Giulio is proposed as the possible author of the drawing.

A rather neglected small panel with the Stigmata of St. The piece is currently displayed in room XI in the Pinacoteca Vaticana inv. Several stylistic elements allow us to situate it in the time-span between the Beheading of St. John the Baptist in San Sigismondo in Cremona.

Gli Scotti di Laino: precisazioni e nuove acquisizioni digital di Marco Leoni. Twelve artists — a stucco decorator, an architect and ten painters — go across five generations from the 17th to the 19th century.Chiudi X Attenzione, controllare i dati.

Registrati Accedi. Vita e Pensiero JUS. Abbonamento annuale JUS - - 2 digital formato: Fascicolo digitale. Etica del contratto e lo spot contract del gioco. Spunti per una direttiva di tutela digital di Andrea Nicolussi. The essay deals with the problems inherent in the gamblings that the Italian state organizes more and more widely. This is in some ways an emblematic case of how contemporary capitalism tends to escape any ethically based control A characteristic of the institutional works of the third century A.

I rapporti tra ordinamento giuridico vaticano e ordinamento canonico: tra corretta configurazione ab intra e possibili travisamenti ab extra digital di Geraldina Boni. In fact, after many years of optimal service, this atypical State has known a period of extremely intense legislative work since the early s Le glosse politiche di Oresme e la formazione dello stato nazionale digital di Giovanni Patriarca.

The thought of Marsilius of Padua and of Italian jurists Neapolitan School, Oldradus de Ponte, Baldus de Ubaldi, Bartolus of Saxoferrato justifies the claims of independence and the formation of the national state Riflessioni in tema di procedure di allerta e controllo giudiziario ex art. JUS - - 1 digital formato: Fascicolo digitale. I contratti di lavoro presso la Curia Romana digital di Andrea Bettetini.

tutti i libri editi da vita e pensiero

The study, once highlighted the peculiar characteristics of the professional activity carried out for the benefit of the Holy See, analyzes the various types of work contracts at the Curia, both for an indefinite period, for a fixed term and for a project. The Author also focuses on the jurisdictional protection of the worker, with particular reference to the role of the Labour Office of the Apostolic See ULSA and to possible conflicts of jurisdiction that may arise above all with the Italian State More thanof the lay faithful are employed by the institutions and works of the Catholic Church in Germany.

Prove illecite, Stato di diritto e garanzie del processo «giusto» digital di Luigi Paolo Comoglio. In resuming, at a comparative level, the traditional theme of «illicit» evidence or, according to the Anglo-American traditional terminology, the theme of «illegally obtained evidence»the Author proposes to offer an updated although brief discussion, in the privileged perspective of the fundamental principles on which the modern rule of law and the «fair trial» constitutional guarantees are based Il tuo browser non supporta JavaScript!

Consulta l'archivio. Gemelli, 1 - Milano P. Progetto grafico: Studio grafico architetto Andrea Musso. Realizzato da. Tweets di vitaepensiero.

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Torna alla Login.Chiudi X Attenzione, controllare i dati. Registrati Accedi. The essay proposes a critical analysis of the concept of typicality in the field of the constitutional studies about legal sources in Italy JUS - - 1 digital formato: Fascicolo digitale.

Conclusioni digital di Cesare Salvi. The author explains his consideration about the previous lectures and offers his opinion regarding the law proposal no. Alcune considerazioni criminologiche e politico-criminali sulle c. It is the spy of a profound unease in the face of a phenomenon which is as vast and evergrowing, as it is complex and difficult to frame and understand through more traditional concepts. Introduzione digital di Andrea Nicolussi. The author introduces the symposium, which is dedicated to a proposal to reform the Italian civil code.

Once described some methodological issues concerning the general problem of modifying a code, he briefly illustrates the topics covered by the papers The essay provides remarks on the creation of a national certificate of succession planned by the law proposal d.

Dal certificato successorio europeo al certificato successorio interno digital di Andrea Fusaro. The proposal to introduce a certificate of inheritance in the Italian legal system draft law D. This paper, after briefly tracing the main stages of pre-contractual liability in the Italian legal system and focusing on the issue of compatibility between pre-contractual liability and contract validity, deepens the foundation and limits of the information duties in the pre-contractual phase, introduced by the bill no.

The essay examines the question of whether the provision by Bill no. The proposed revision of the Italian civil code d. S di revisione del codice civile digital di Carlo Granelli. The Author suggests a possible answer to the following questions raised by the proposed revision of the Italian civil code d.

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